Epic Decals

Small Decal Installation

1. Make sure surface is cool. Clean surface very well (alcohol works best)
2. Line up the decal on the surface to make sure it fits.
3. Use a credit card or the back of your fingernail to press down on the clear transfer tape to make sure the tape is stuck to the vinyl.
4. Peel off the paper backing making sure the whole decal sticks to the transfer tape.
5. Apply the decal to your surface using a credit card. Smooth from the center towards the outside. Try to remove any air bubbles.
6. Remove the transfer tape, leaving the decal behind. Remove any noticeable air bubbles with a pin and smooth out any areas left un-stuck.
7. Enjoy your new decal!

Do not scrub the decal when washing your vehicle or windows.
Do not apply in wiper blade’s path.
Do not use ice scrapers on your decal.

Large Decal Installation